We have tried to make its rules conform to the rules in this document.
When a class (or interface) is introduced, specify one @since tag in its class description and no @since tags in the members.
On that basis, at Oracle, references in this section are critical to the Java viral marketing techniques and implementation Compatibility Kit (JCK).
These two targets are described in the following sections.In all three of these cases, if the method m contains no doc comments or tags, the Javadoc tool will also copy the text of the method it is overriding or implementing to the generated documentation for.The graphics primitives * that draw the image will incrementally paint on the [email protected] text the string to display.(preferred) Gets the toolkit for the component.Name - the location of the image, relative to the url argument.This contains a copyright statement.Implementation-Independence Write the description to be implementation-independent, but specifying such dependencies where necessary.The Java Platform API Specification is a contract between callers and implementations.
@link (Added in Javadoc.2) (reference page) For conventions, see Use In-Line Links Economically.
Multiple @author tags should be listed in chronological order, with the creator of the class listed at the top.With 79 million users connected to 30 million family trees, m has been helping people find their roots.So a phrase like "the display's characteristics" becomes "the displays characteristics." The illegal characters are the following: 146 - right single" 147 - left double" 148 - right double" What should be used instead is: 39 - straight single".These comments are processed by the Javadoc tool to generate the API docs.(The name "doc-files" distinguishes lottoland gutschein app it as documentation separate from images used by the source code itself, such as bitmaps displayed in the GUI.) Example: A screen shot of a button, f, might be included in the class comment for the Button class.